Software developer, designer and entrepreneur. User experience specialist. Co-founder of Morrison Schwartz, Inc. and The Phrogram Company. Co-inventor of Kid’s Programming Language. Optimist who, when necessary, reminds self and others that reality isn’t optional.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Robert Burdman says:

    Dear Reality Inhabitant. ABS wrote telling me about the phrogam web site. EXCELLENT ADVENTURE. Clear content, good comments and explanations.
    My sincere hopes that the product will be recognized for its merits and sell like the proverbial hotcakes!

    “Success is more permanent when you achieve it without destroying
    your principles.” (Walter Cronkite)
    Good for you and May the Schwarts be with You.

  2. Brian Ban says:

    Greetings –

    Love your web site/blog and glad you were able to make it to Boston. Thought your audience might be interested in the latest new development (an on-site CG/Animation Challenge open to all attendees) that we are planning to unveil at the next SIGGRAPH.


    Hope to see you in San Diego.


    Brian Ban
    SIGGRAPH 2007 Marketing & Media

  3. markwaldin says:


    I’d really love to talk to you about Phrogram and what you are doing with it. If you can, please email me at markwaldin@verizon.net and I’ll explain.


  4. bgputernerd says:

    I would like to discuss your ideas about gaming. Please contact me at david@a1pcs.com and I’ll provide more context.


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