Digital Gaming in Classrooms Seen Gaining Popularity

Digital Gaming in Classrooms Seen Gaining Popularity

The survey, which consisted of responses from a random sample of 505 teachers of those grades across the country in March of this year, found that 50 percent of the teachers reported using digital games in classroom instruction for at least two days a week.

Eighteen percent reported using games daily. Elementary school teachers tended to use digital games more often than middle school teachers did, with 57 percent of K-5 teachers reporting using games compared with 38 percent of middle school teachers.

“We were really surprised by the number of teachers who were using digital games on a very frequent basis,” said Jessica Millstone, a research consultant for the New York City-based Joan Ganz Cooney Center and an adjunct professor at Bank Street College, also in New York.


“It is encouraging for the nascent field and industry of games for learning to see this marketplace expanding. … The real question, though, is are they good games that promote good learning principles?”


One thought on “Digital Gaming in Classrooms Seen Gaining Popularity

  1. jonahstowe says:

    I can still remember playing old games like Math Blaster and Oregon Trail as a kid. Although those were early attempts, I imagine that developers could do amazing things now to make games truly useful for educators. This will work best if the teachers are playing the games alongside the students; when I was in school I think the games were used as little more than high-tech babysitters to give the teachers a break.

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