Wii versus PS3 versus XBox 360 market share data II

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My previous posts on this topic have been my most heavily trafficed since I started blogging, so I obviously have to continue with last month’s (and the first quarter’s) data. My previous posts are at

Wii versus PS3 versus XBox 360 market share data

Wii versus PS3 versus XBox 360 market share predictions

Lots of coverage on the latest industry data; here are some highlight:

From the Associated Press: March Video Game Sales Jump

U.S. video game sales jumped 33 percent to $1.1 billion in March, boosted by strong sales of gaming consoles from Nintendo despite ongoing shortages for its newest system

Software sales grew 15 percent for the month, to $574 million

For the first quarter, software sales climbed 30 percent to $1.6 billion, while total U.S. video game sales were up 54 percent to $3.3 billion.

Of the independent software publishers, Activision Inc. more than tripled its monthly sales of games for consoles and handheld systems

U.S. sales at Electronic Arts Inc., the world’s largest video game publisher, declined 28 percent in March

(This is after, as I reported last time, a 26% drop in February. Ouch.)

For the first quarter, hardware sales nearly doubled to $1.3 billion from $659 million in the year-ago period.

The Wii, Nintendo’s playful system that has players jumping around their living room for certain games, seems to be succeeding in drawing a wider audience to gaming.

And from Reuters: Nintendo’s Wii Again No. 1 New Game Console-NPD

The Wii was again the No. 1 current-generation video game console, selling 259,000 units. That $250 console uses a motion-sensitive controller that has been popular with mainstream gamers as well as new audiences like females, senior citizens and very young children.

Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox 360 U.S. unit sales were 199,000 in March and outpaced Sony Corp.’s PlayStation 3 unit sales of 130,000. The high-end versions of those machines sell for $400 and $600, respectively.

Sony’s last-generation PlayStation 2 continued to see strong sales with consumers picking up 280,000 units.

Overall video game related sales rose 54 percent in the first three months of 2007, to $3.3 billion, NPD said.

Here’s a table summarizing the data across this post and the last:

February March Q1 2007
Wii 335,000 259,000 1,030,000
PS2 295,000 280,000
PS3 127,000


XBox 360 228,000 199,000 721,000

Note that Sony is holding it’s position better than Wii or XBox 360, at least in this month-to-month. We’ll see how it looks next month.

The year to year trend as described above is most important, with 54% to 100% increases in total video games sales and in console hardware sales.

Activision is the software company doing the most right things, as measured by their sales. And EA continues to slide. Hope their pipeline delivers quickly…


5 thoughts on “Wii versus PS3 versus XBox 360 market share data II

  1. Brett says:

    Great info. Do you happen to have data, or know where data could be found, showing units sales for all consoles and handhelds over the last couple years? I’m interested in looking at the market trends with the introduction of the DS and Wii.


  2. theschwartz says:

    I don’t yet have a source for previous data, but googling and/or looking for earlier articles by the same outlets/sources should get you to some. Nice thing about quarterly figures is that companies are pretty consistent about when they release. I’d also very much like to see the market trends over time – including data on the PS2 (still strong, obviously) and the old school XBbox. Data on handhelds would also be very interesting, graphed over time against the consoles. Please do let me know if you assemble any of this data – I’ll be glad to link to you about it.

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  4. Some pretty good info here, and you were on a roll for a while, but it’s been a year since you posted *poke* *poke*

  5. 360 share says:

    […] lead on PS3 in terms of market share, Quake Wars looks to be THE multiplayer game of 2008??well, …https://theschwartz.wordpress.com/2007/04/20/wii-versus-ps3-versus-xbox-360-market-share-data-ii/Yahoo! 360? – HomeCreate your Place on Yahoo! 360? A place that&aposs all about you to share with […]

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