Wii versus PS3 versus XBox 360 market share data

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No more predictions – the data is in. And a shocker, despite my own predictions. Obviously it’s still early, and it’s still a problem that the PS3 availability has been so bad – but here’s the data and some coverage:

From Forbes: Video Game Sales Jump in February

U.S. video game retail sales grew 53 percent in February, as next generation systems continued to advance and games from Nintendo took three of the top five spots for the month, according to data from the market research company NPD Group.

Software sales grew 28 percent to $441 million.

Hardware sales nearly doubled to $402 million from $203 million in February 2006. Of the three next-generation systems, Nintendo’s Wii, released in November, sold 335,000 units during the month, followed by Microsoft’s Xbox 360 with 228,000 units and Sony‘s PlayStation 3 with 127,000 units.

Wii’s results pretty well blow away the analyst predictions I blogged about a few weeks ago, in Wii versus PS3 versus XBox 360 market share predictions. It is early in the cycle, and PS3 continues to be plagued with availability problems – but on the other hand, we all know that console technology and games is a viral business. If Nintendo can keep the hardware and softwares pipelines full, and maintain a lead like this…

The Reuters coverage added some important data: Nintendo Wii top-selling game console

the Wii is priced at $250, compared with the $600 top-end version of the PS3.

Retailers sold 295,000 PlayStation 2 consoles, the best-selling console of the last cycle.

Note that the Wii even beat the PS2.  I will look into the data, but I’m betting this is the first time any console has beat the PS2 since it released.  That’s gotta have Sony’s attention…

TheStreet.com added some interesting game software details – but didn’t mention Spore or anything else in EA’s pipeline – Nintendo, Microsoft Tops in Games Sales :

Overall, game sales grew nearly 28% year-on-year last month to $440.7 million, largely based on increased sales on the Nintendo and the Xbox 360 consoles.

U.S. game software sales for EA declined 25.6% in February to $65.8 million

Other game publishers fared better. Sales for Activision increased nearly 20% year on year to $19.8 million and grew nearly 40% in the quarter to date.

Xbox 360 continued its strong performance; sales were up 156% year-on-year thanks to Microsoft’s Crackdown, the best-selling title for the console.

The San Francisco Chronicle has the most analysis of the console difference in
For gamers, Wii is No. 1
Low price, unique controller make Nintendo most popular

Nintendo’s surprisingly popular Wii game consoles have pulled ahead of its competitors for the second month in a row.

(theschwartz: who is surprised? 🙂 )

Despite superior graphics on PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 — which also come with hefty price tags — Wii has managed to win over customers with its wireless controller, cajoling them off of their couches and enticing them to move about their living rooms as if they were playing a real sport.

“The Wii is like a jeep and the Xbox and PlayStation are like a Maserati and a Ferrari,”

(theschwartz: I didn’t only quote this because I drive a jeep 😀 )

One explanation for the Wii’s recent lead, he said, is its price. Nintendo is offering the console for $250 while Sony has priced its high-end PlayStation 3 for $599. Microsoft’s high-end Xbox 360 costs $399.

“We’re still early in the game console cycle,” he said. “This is going to be a protracted console war.”


51 thoughts on “Wii versus PS3 versus XBox 360 market share data

  1. Exalted Peanutbutter says:

    Listen, I am rooting for MS b/c finally America is back in the systems race. Japan is not the only one in the segment. THats awesome and really gives consumers a choice, plus it creates allot of fun and high paying jobs.

    The problem is, everything the XBox was the 360 is not. Its so half assed in so many ways.

    MS started by having a HDD standard in the XBOX1 and optional in the 360, so developers can’t have games install a bit on the disk to decrease load times.

    THey did not incluse WIFI or any next gen format (HD-DVD). A high price of 400 bucks, the buyer should use the system for more than games. THe online stuff is great but costs money.

    THey did not include 1080p and HDMI, yet still called it a high def system. That makes me mad.

    Now, with the elite, they have a chance at fixing it, and what do they do? Skrew up.

    First, the HDMI is half assed, its 1.2 not 1.3, and their is a big difference that people will be able to see in the years to come.

    Next, they did not include the 60mm tech to make the system stop overheating.


    and at $479, they just made Sony’s blue ray player cost $21 (499 ps3 – 479 360 elite).

    MS needs to either build the hddvd in and price the elite at $500, or during the holiday season, offer a free HDDVD for anyone who buys a 360 (im sure toshiba would give MS some money for that). Actually, they should have done that last holiday season. THat would have hurt PS3 sales, and helped MS. IDIOTS.

    ALso, at very least, lower the price of the add on HD-dvd to either 149 or 99, to better compete. And make the DVD remote and HD-DVD palyer in black to mix well with the elite. I wonder if the dvd remote controls the HD-DVD, too.

    WHat do you guys think?

  2. theschwartz says:

    That’s pretty detailed criticism of the 360 – do you know Wii and PS3 well enough to dig into them as well?

  3. MaxNaughty says:

    PS3 is going to get butt spanked!

    and there are 4 key reasons why…

    1. The Xbox 360 is way easier to develop games for.
    PS3 vs 360 a developers perspective
    Carmack Gives 360 Next-Gen Edge
    You can even develop your own games for the Xbox 360 using Visual Studio 2005 + XNA game developers studio.

    2. Xbox Live is far superior to Playstation Network.

    3. The Xbox Live achievement system is a powerful way to get gamers competing and buying new games.

    4. Blu-ray will be another Betamax for Sony for one simple reason. You can manufacture a disc with a HD-DVD on one side and a normal DVD on the other. You can’t do that with Blu-ray and it will be a major bonus for HD-DVD in the DVD rental market.

    The only key advantage the PS3 has is the ability to load an alternative Operating System such as Linux. But how many people use Linux for gaming?

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  5. PsychoticJer says:

    Exalted Peanutbutter,

    First: Do you seriously think that they were going to make 65mm chips to make it so it runs cooler? No. That was for cost effectiveness. When they stamp the processors, they do it in mass quantities. Naturally, the smaller the processor, the more you can stamp at once. That was the reasoning behind making 65mm processors. Of course, with a smaller processor, there’s less surface area, so less heat generated. But 90mm vs 65mm is only 15mm of surface area. That’s not a huge drop in heat generation. This change was not for cooling. I installed 3rd party fans and enhanced the way the air flows through the Xbox to enhance cooling. Works pretty well.

    Second: No WIFI? Who cares? Until they can intergrate the new Wireless-N into gaming systems, I’m perfectly happy with my CAT5 cables. Wireless-G is slow for high speed games. I can’t believe anyone can stand Wireless-G and how slow it is for games.

    Third: HDMI? I guess that’s your opinion. The component cables look good, IMO. So, I don’t care.

    Fourth: The HDD does have a cache and games will use it if there is a HDD attached. Remember the big problem when Oblivion was released? You had to hold Y while the damn thing was loading to clear out your 360’s HDD cache or some wierd fix like that. Plus, I have an XSATA, so I’ve seen the cache.

    Fifth: I actually thought the modular construction of the Xbox was a good thing. I don’t HAVE to have a wireless controller; If the HDD dies, I can just take it off and use a memcard while I get a replacement; if I don’t want a HD-DVD player, I don’t have to buy it and not use it, etc. It allows you to only buy what you want. I think the 20GB HDD is a little pricey for what you get, but whatever.

    Sixth: It does have 1080p. Try connecting your Xbox to the internet sometime. The fact is that the games have to be developed in 1080p, as well. Details.

    Seventh: They just made Sony’s Blu-Ray player cost $21? That’s fine. I don’t want a Blue-Ray player. Blu-Ray is shaping out to be the losing side, anyways.

  6. Canuck101 says:

    first of all you should know that blue-ray really matters since it has bigger space. Also the blueray is outsellin the hd-dvd 3:1. Sony is also making dev tools and other programs to help make it easy for companies developing games for the ps3. If you think about it the games that were launched weren’t at the ps3’s full potential you have 2 wait 4 it. I think the 360 is a good system with good games such as gears of war, crack down etc. But the reason im not buying a 360 now cuz ppl are sayin that the ps3 doesn;t have good games wait about 1-2 years then ppl will bein sayin good things bout the ps3 and ps3 would be offering better graphics with more games n better titles. Just give it some time.

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  8. lkK says:

    360 > ALL


  9. The Real Gamer says:

    PsychoticJer, wow.

    I don’t think I’ve heard a less informed statement in my life. Blu-Ray is SMOKING HD-DVD. LkK’s statement made more sense than your’s, because at least his is opinion based and can’t be simply proven wrong by a mouse-click.

    At this point in the game, there is no way to predict the winner. People say “Wii”, but I see so many people buy one and use it for nothing but Wiisports and Twilight Princess. Some say XB360, but I’ve yet to see a game that doesn’t involve racing, FPS, or sports. Where’s the platforming? Where’s the innovation? Where the f*** is Fable 2? And then there’s the minority that root for PS3, which is plagued by it’s ridiculous (though understandable from a finacial point of view) price tag. Take a look at all of these possible scenerios:

    PS3 drops its price to $400, a very likely scenerio due to the new president’s want for a price drop. That, combined with the holiday season, Home, MGS4, and the FFXIII demo would mean a slaughter. Sony has proven with its PS2 that you don’t need a strong start to dominate the market.

    Or, say MS’s release of Halo 3 goes over even more successfully than planned, and allows the system to jump into first place much in the same way the first Halo made an Xbox worth buying, and how Halo 2 made XBL worth paying for. Halo 3 may be the final push the console needs to make XB360 number one.

    What about Wii? Maybe Nintendo’s plan to saturate the market with nongamers goes over as well as they expected and the sheer force of the non-gamer consumer blows away the competition?… And maybe they release another Zelda game to combat Halo 3, MGS4, and FFXIII?

    Don’t make any calls just yet, boys. Remember that Dreamcast was looking pretty promising as well, same with the Atari 5200. Remember that the game market is unpredictable. I remember it was just yesterday that all the Nintendo fanboys were hiding in their bungalows, cuddling their GBA SPs and their Gamecubes. Now they seem to have taken over the internet, proclaiming the Wii as the winner when we’ve only been about 6 months into the war.

    From what I’ve seen in the software category, the Wii is f***ed. Everything is PS360 exclusive. FFXIII? (Main title, not the spin-offs, you zealots) PS3. MGS4? PS3. Halo 3? XB360. Fable 2? XB360. Lair? Heavenly Sword? Gears of War? Crackdown? Oblivion? God of War 3? Halo Wars? LITTLEBIGPLANET?!

    And what does the Wii have? Brawl. Where’s the porting love of the Wii? Nonexistant. In order to port for the Wii, developers would have to redo controls, graphics, and the amount of content. Development costs are already too high, meaning if it’s going multi-console, it’s going PS360.

    So those who call this game early, and especially when it’s speaking in favor of the Wii, look over the history of gaming. In the end, Nintendo is not the ultimate factor. N64 was proof that the gaming giant was indeed mortal.

    If I were to call an early winner, it’d be XB360. Wii is not for gamers, it’s a marketing tool to attract nongamers. The winner will go to the system that is ACTUALLY next-gen and inexpensive. XB360 (in America) will be in complete control, followed closely by PS3 (who will win Japan).

    … f***ing fanboys everywhere nowadays… Just get every system and shut up. If you can’t afford them all, tough luck.

  10. Clarke says:

    I agree with ‘The Real Gamer’, in not taking a early desicion… i’m saving my cash till bout christmas time when i’ve got a good idea of what’s gonna happen.

    I’d just like to add to his post about the Blu-ray vs HD DVD thing…. the sales things might not be entirely accurate (not saying there’s not any truth in it, just that it might be slightly skewed)…. this is because every Blu-ray disc GIVEN AWAY by sony with the PS3 actually counts as a sale…. which would make the Blu-ray sales look bigger than what it would be otherwise…

    …then again, with them giving it away it increases awareness of the Blu-ray disc and will probably help them sell more overall.

    Personally, I would like to see PS3 win so I can be safe with one… I want MGS4 and FFXII myself… maybe GT5 too. But I won’t mind alot if they don’t… then i’ll just get Crackdown, Halo 3 and Halo wars instead…. most of the games I really want are on both… GTA4, Mercenaries 2, Army of Two, etc.

    My advice to all would be to wait till christmas time (probs january as the prices will drop more after the xmas rush)…. then everything will be cheaper…. and a winner will be in sight.

  11. Jack_Jackington says:

    i’m down with the ps3 and 360. yeah the ps3’s online isnt where XBL is but it is free. Home looks promising as does LittleBigPlanet. Hopefully, game developers will begin to use the ps3’s power to its full potential. Wii games are indeed innovative but who says that’s fun? its a new experience. the graphics are terribe IMO. the 360 has been out for a while and has been able to build its game library. it was said above, the ps3 and the 360 will share some games and many if not all won’t go to the wii. i have been playin video games for some time and i have grown to expect better graphics with every new generation. i wouldn’t recommend limiting yourself to one system because all of them will have some great exclusives. if you can afford it, buy them all… at once.

  12. The Real Gamer says:

    Glad to see I’ve got some back-up. I feared the Nintendo Fanboys would attack in droves and attempt to overpower simple logic with sheer stupidity. And Jack_Jackington? Bravo, though I feel a very trace amount of PS3 bias with the free PSN. Let us not compare Playstation’s online service to something that is vastly superior. At least not until Home is actually released.

    And to address your statement about Blu-Ray, Clarke, think about it like this: Though many of those Blu-Ray discs were given to the customers for free, they only got them through purchase of a Blu-Ray player. I’ve heard this argument over the validity of the Blu-Ray sales before, so I’ve heard this statement a fair amount of times. The sale of a player is always more significant than the sale of a disc, making your questioning only fuel to add to the Blu-Ray fire. In the end, Sony will have won a format war for the first time since they helped push the switch to discs.

    Also, I’ve realized how anti-Nintendo my previous post turned out to be, and I would shortly like to address that: Nintendo has failed me in the past. From realizing that my Gamecube was worthless to discovering I loathe “true” handheld games, Nintendo has only been disappointment for me since the end of the SNES. I used to be a true-blue ‘Tendo fanboy, even saying such things as “the Gamecube will win because it’s Nintendo”. However, after coming to the realization that Nintendo had lost its way and was now selling to children, I put the controller down.

    … Alas, the heartbreak of a gamer is to discover his favorite company has abandoned him for profit.

  13. theschwartz says:

    Cool discuss, guys – keep it going! I’m with Clarke – waiting to see how things develop, and to see who develops games I have to have, before deciding which to buy. Truth is, I’m a lot more of a PC Gamer than a console gamer – consoles still aren’t making the games I like to play – mainly strategy, tactics, simulations and MMOs.

  14. Clarke says:

    Just a sec Real Gamer, how many people do you know that buy a PS3 as a blu-ray player?

    you see, everyone I know has bought one to do what it’s main function is, to play games. Yes, it’s a cheap blu-ray player… but most HD-flim-nuts will buy a dedicated player (i don’t see much reason why, but for some reason they do)

    This whole thing bubbles down to a few things, (both console war and blu-ray – HD DVD… as these wars will affect each other)

    1) which format the porn industry supports beacause what type of person is most likely to upgrade to HD? Sad lonely men… and what do sad lonely men like? end of story…

    2) which format the film industry support… currently blu-ray… coz the film people don’t like the idea of ‘region-free’

    3) the gaming guys don;t matter so much… they’ll hold off on the big projects till they have an idea of the winner themselves… then spend more money than they have using the full capacity of that console.

    At the moment, the Wii is selling more consoles than then PS3 or 360… but it isn’t taking any market away from the others… as the whole idea of ninty’s latest project is to encourage a new audience into the gaming department… not to appeal to the ‘Hardcore’ gamers. So it will probably nicely co-exist with either PS3 or 360.

    In my local area PS3 is actually doing alot better than 360, and alot of shops are selling blu-ray but not HD DVD…. the Wii is actually doing exceptionally badly here coz of ninty’s problem with actually making enough of them.

    I’m thinking about getting a PS3 sooner now, but that’s coz i need something to do over the hols and it’s my b-day soon… anyhow, to me MGS4 and FFXIII are worth £500 together. (they might be worth 3p to you though, so get your own opinions!)

  15. Clarke says:

    I’d just like to add that I’d still advise you guys to wait…. i’m gonna leave it open as an option to me (i’ll trade in the PS3 if it comes down to it).

    Also, thanks for the support ‘Theschwartz’, it’s much appreciated. I’m mostly a PC bloke myself actually…. C&C (haven’t tried 3 yet), SupCom, WoW… I love ’em all…. wouldn’t it be damn cool to have WoW for a console?

  16. The Real Gamer says:

    Actually, Clarke, last time I checked porn was moving towards Blu-Ray for longer movies (as if anyone lasted the traditional 30-60 minutes, lol). In fact, one company has already declared Blu-Ray support. Also, Disney has claimed 100% Blu-Ray support, which means BR Pirates, which means what seems to be instant victory. I know we should hold off bets on the consoles, but the format war works differently. It’s not like consoles where one game can make a difference, much in the same way Super Smash Bros Melee sold 99% of the Gamecubes.

    And truth be told, Blu-Ray does has region coding. It’s just that the Japanese and American regions are now the same coding.

  17. Clarke says:

    It’s HD DVD that’s region free, Blu ray has 3 regions….

    … PS3 games are region free (to a certain extent) and Xbox 360 aren’t… but the gaming industry aren’t as bothered.

  18. The Real Gamer says:

    The region free stuff doesn’t phase me, really. I don’t see any use in it, since I’m in America and I get the first wave of english titles (most of the time) anyways.

    Anyways, sorry for getting off-topic, but I must address the Halo 3 BETA:

    Yes. Just… Yes.

  19. theschwartz says:

    Comments and opinions are welcome. Insults and foul language aren’t. :p

  20. Dean says:

    I love my Wii & my Xbox 360.
    I don’t have the need for a PS3, XBOX seem to get the same titles & more exclusive games it’s as if the gaming companies aren’t giving sony the support they one demanded it’s simply the 3rd gen slum for them I think.
    think of Sega saturn,and N64 both third gen and both to a certain extent failed.
    Real gamers are buying Wii’s by the way I’ve been a gamer most of my life & you cant deny that more and more 3rd parties are jumping on the Big N’s bandwagon it’s an everyone console,there will be games like wii sports but there will be some great rpg’s,fps(think about that),adventure games horror games (MANHUNT 2)etc
    WHO REALLY NEEDS BLU RAY MOVIES, DVD’S STILL HOLD FULL MOVIES AND LOOK CLEAR DON’T THEY????????????????? I just don’t think it’s a big enough leap in technology for people to convert like in the case of VHS DVD I think blu ray & hd dvd will both fail.

  21. thunder says:

    im sort of in sorts with dean who said he thinks both blu-ray and hd-dvd will both fail. this whole hi-def thing has grown leaps and bounds the past 2-3 yrs….but is far from being a sure thing….in order to experience either format in its fullest, you first need a hi-def television capable of reproducing the increased number of lines of resolution. if you dont have a hi-def t.v. then theres no point in spending the extra money for it if you cant reproduce it. and seeing that theres no real need to upgrade to a hi-def t.v.(even though it would be nice) many people may not,.. at least for a while until till prices come down a good bit more…..so….im not saying im for either format….just that i understand perfectly why the big “N” didnt include anything of the sort in its stratagy which seems to be working just fine.

  22. Steve says:

    I will start by saying that the PS3 is the best thing i’ve ever paid for.
    Think about it in the long run, the PS3 will win this console war easy. you just have to wait about 1.5 years and you will see.
    With Blu-Ray Sony has a massive advantage with this, as if it win which it will that means MS will be forced to preduce games on Blu-Ray. cos they would have to use a HD drive cos games in 3 years or so will need to be put on bigger discs. Blu-Ray will win this war as already out selling HD DVD 3:1 and HD-DVD came out before remember guys. As for the console hardware it wins hands down, speed graphics storage etc.
    Playstation Home will kill Xbox Live. PSN is free, and lag free, where Xbox live you pay for laggy serves at times. My PS3 now upscales streams media and prints photos.
    As for a Blu-Ray player its now classed as a proper high end player, because as a player it now upscales DVD and now supports 24P blu-ray. and if you read all the reviews on the quilty of play back on PS3, they compare it to the £1,200 panasonic player. Also the waiting times for a player to boot up is about 1min, PS3 10secs. 10X quicker.
    also in 3 years imagine the PS3’s XMB and fouctions etc. and Playstation Home will be massive. 2010 Sony will cill the market by miles and once again win the console market. Remember Sony is the most successfull company in this market and electronics in general. most powerfull brand name in this market, and MS cant really touch Sony, its like Sony taking on Windows, answer brave. while all you guys investing on 360 good luck to you, a true gamer will always choose a PS3, power graphics and choice. 3 years i will be larghing when Blu-Ray wins and HD-DVD fails. game delopers will merge to PS3 cos games are gettin bigger.how and a reply to a comment. both formats cant lose cos at lest 1 format must win cos they will force it into the industry. Nuff said

  23. thunder says:

    fair enough…..lets say blu-ray does win the format war,…i believe it will take a while longer than most people may realize or think its going to. though blu-ray might have an advantage, you still need,(as i mentioned in my previous post)..a high def television to get the full experience. something that is still a high end luxory and not everyone can afford. 1-2 yrs is optimistic,….5 yrs is more likely for market saturation,…and by then we’ll be looking at the next next-gen round of consoles anyway.

  24. DevilDogg says:

    I actually bought a PS3 for the blu-ray feature. I figured I could by a stand-alone for $999 or buy a ps3 and get one for $600. Seemed like a win in my book. I will say that 360 has better games, but its also been out longer. I was pissed when I saw that GH2 came out for 360 instead of PS3 BUT I hear that GH3 is coming out for the PS3. HD-DVD has far better features than Blu-ray and the fact that you can put a standard DVD on the reverse side is awesome. You would think that this would make it the victor here, but as we learned with Betamax…its more about the marketing than it is the product.

    Sony was brillent to include blu-ray with the ps3 instead of making it optional. Now every ps3 owner is FAR more likely to go pick up a bluray disk rather than an hd one. Why purchase an HD player when you already have a bluray? However, with the 360, MS has given people the choice and I bet some of those owners will go out and choose bluray over HD. Also, I’d have to say Disney’s decision of going Blu-ray is a major blow to HD. As far as the guy who commented about the porn industry, I’m not sure I’d want to watch porn in HD. I’d rather not see every imperfection that the woman has…kind of works against you, no?

  25. Steve says:

    In 3 or so years, PS3 will have 25GB or so games as standard. which will hurt 360, 9GB is their limit. and PS3 can do things 360 cant. also PS3 has better graphics the 360. So MS fans stop sayin 360 is better cos GOW uses texture streaming in their game. if RFOM used it then it would be fair to compare.
    PS3 in terms of spec, and choice of games since playstation have far greater software support then 360.

    Oh and HOME i forgot to say; well it is the xbox live killer.

    PS3 has a faster
    CPU = 2.13 floating point. xbox only 1.0
    GPU = 550MHZ xbox only 500.
    PS3’s Memory clocked at 3.2GHZ. xbox only 700MHZ i think.
    PS3 has Blu-Ray HD drive which is out selling HD-DVD 3:1. xbox no hd drive.
    PS3 has built in WLAN. xbox NO
    PS3 supports 7 W controllers. xbox 4.
    PS3 has USB 3. xbox 2
    PS3 has a Card Reader. xbox none.
    PS3 has a 60GB HDD upgradable to a soon possible 300GB/160 today. xbox only 20GB – 14 acessable
    PS3 uses Bluetooth. xbox old RF.
    PS3 has Touch sesitive buttons. xbox none.
    PS3 is Free online. xbox £40 a year = 5 years is alot of money.
    PS3 is larger yes, but would prefer the power unit bulit in. xbox has a large power unit which is gay.
    PS3 is far less noisey. xbox is really loud.
    PS3 will have better and more games in 2 years.
    PS3 uses a CD slot drive, xbox has the old tray system.
    and PS3 hasn’t been on watch dogg. for massive console f**k ups. unrealiable consoles are unwelcome.
    Any many more things PS3 is better.

    Can anyone draw up somethin like this for 360. cos i think 360 has nothing on PS3.

  26. thunder says:

    theres no need to draw anything up like this for the 360, or the Wii for that matter. all those facts and figures dont mean jack if you cant do anything with them. just like devil dog just said,..its more about the marketing of a console than it is about what it can do and how much horsepower it has under the hood so to speak. just look at Nintendo has been doing with their console. it dont have anywhere near the horsepower and its cleaning everyones clock…(proof that tech specs dont mean jack). Nintendo introduced something to the home console video game market that it desperatley needed…..Something DIFFERENT and nothing more…..(proof of marketing).
    arrogance is what got nintendo in trouble with the n64 and the gamecube,..(after years of market domination)….i’m afraid the same will hold true for sony regardless of whats under the hood.

  27. theschwartz says:

    Very interesting discussion – keep it goin!

  28. thunder says:

    thank you ..i think i will (lol). came across these this morning and thought i might fan the flames.(lol).



  29. theschwartz says:

    Excellent links, thanks Thunder. The second link, at beyond3d.com, provides an excellent table of sales data for the month of May – Wii once again kicking ass, selling more than PS3 + XBox 360 combined. Here are those May sales numbers:

    Nintendo DS 423,100
    Wii 338,200
    PlayStation Portable 212,100
    PlayStation 2 187,800
    Xbox 360 154,900
    PlayStation 3 81,600
    GameBoyAdvance 80,600
    Nintendo Gamecube 10,800

  30. Steveo says:

    There are a lot of good opinions expressed in this thread. It is early to tell which console will win the “console war”, but don’t let this make an impact on your purchasing decision. Buy the console that offers the features and the games you want. This is what I call, “letting the market decide”.

    It is almost impossible to tell whether Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft will “win” the console war. In fact, it also really depends on your measure for “winning”. If by win, you refer to sale of consoles; Nintendo could do it. If by win, you refer to market share of our consumer fueled economy; Microsoft/Sony could do it.

    I completely agree with Thunder, I truly believe the video game console market did need something different. I’ve been playing games for a long time; I needed something more than an enhanced hardware platform with awesome graphics. I am not a, to quote some, a “Nintendo fan boy”, but Nintendo does have a consistent history of being on the leading edge of gaming innovations. You can see it clearly by what they’ve done on the DS with the stylus and the Wii with the remote. Gaming innovations need to be much more than graphics and high-tech hardware.

    We can argue in circles all day about who is better, but Nintendo DS sales have been consistently high for quite some time and we’re seeing the same thing with the Wii sales now. Numbers are all that matters in this game. We can puff out our chests and say my system has xyz (much like comparing our automobiles), but high numbers are what keep share holders happy and produce profit.

    In truth, not to bash Sony or Microsoft, if Nintendo lost money on their systems like Sony is slated to do within the first year on the PS3; they’d probably throw the CEO out on his ear. Sony and Microsoft are lucky that they’re huge corporate giants that can afford to take on risks that may or may not produce return on investment.

    Nintendo is doing for the gaming community right now what AOL (as much as I hate AOL) did for the Internet. It is making video games more accessible to people of all ages and building a large base and making the market larger.

  31. thunder says:

    Thanks Steveo, couldnt have said it better… But on the point of market share / market value…the big “N” at the moment just may be closing in on sony and we still have yet to see “E3” this year and whatever comes to light then for any of the console manufactures. it should be intresting to see. but this is what the market looked like for Nintendo and Sony a few days ago………..

  32. Steveo says:

    Wow! Thanks for that link Thunder. Everyone in this thread should read that brief article. It really underscores the momentum Nintendo has right now.

    I like to see the underdog (Nintendo) perform so well. I call Nintendo the underdog because they cannot afford to make costly financial mistakes.

  33. theschwartz says:

    Wow, that market cap information is surprising to me. I expected Sony, considering the range of its product lines, to be a much larger company. Part of me thinks I don’t know enough about the size and value of the handheld and console markets that Nintendo is dominating – but part of me also thinks the valuations may be distorted in the way that “hot” things get distorted in any market.

    And yes, Steveo, those are very sensible comments about the whole “religious war” around people’s console preferences.

  34. North_of_the_border says:

    one thing to say:

  35. thunder says:


  36. theschwartz says:

    one thing to say about his one thing to say:


  37. Steveo says:

    This article is good. It also destroys the myth that games are easier and cheaper do develop on PS3 and XBOX360 platforms.


  38. theschwartz says:

    Yeah, that’s a great read, thanks Steveo. One would guess Business Week isn’t exactly partisan about the console war, either. 😀

    Choice quote:

    The Wii also appears to be benefiting from Nintendo officials’ gamble on less powerful chips and other hardware. Because of that move software developers can churn out more games for the Wii, at bargain rates. While many developers say they have to spend between $10 million and $20 million to create a single game for the Xbox 360 or PS3, making a Wii game often requires just half that amount. The result: Nintendo dominates the ranking of top 20 games in the U.S. and in other major markets, analysts say.

    And another:

    Sales figures show just how lopsided the competition has become. In May, Nintendo sold 338,000 Wii machines in the U.S.—the world’s largest gaming market—more than four times the 81,600 PlayStation 3s that Sony sold and double Microsoft’s Xbox 360 tally of 154,900, according to NPD Group.

  39. wandie says:

    But its not what is under hood. What makes a good game or console? Does it really matter if u can play dvds bla bla. Game console are for games right. Looking at the 3 consoles. I personally think Wii. Takes the cup. Looking at some points.Because someone mentioned is it really worth $600 and a hi def tv just to see a fog in a certain area or leaves blowing away or shadow here and there. I would like some feed back on what really makes a good game. Does it really have to rely on graphics or whats under the hood? PS3 and Xbox360 are good consoles. But $400 plus the hi def tv. And probably buy game that everybody is talking about. Finish that and whats next?.Its just a matter of taste really. Cheap and have fun great (wii). Because to cough out 600 for a console. It better sing and serve me breakfast :-). But if I had the cash xbox360 and Wii no doubt. PS3 just needs time i guess.

  40. theschwartz says:

    No comments about the most expensive warranty repair in history? Ouch!


  41. Steveo says:


    Well, I’ve said from the beginning that the first XBOX360’s were the beta products and we as consumers were the testers. 🙂

    I think it is really awesome of Microsoft to extend their warrenty and take ownership of the problem.

  42. thunder says:

    hmm…looks like sony is up to something to the consumers benefit…


  43. Corey says:

    Out of all the searching I have been doing today. This little conversation has given me all the info I need on my team paper dealing with globalization and Nintendo. I needed to find the market shares. Thanks

  44. Papercut says:

    Its easy. Stay single in life. Get a two bedroom apartment, buy a 360 and share other half with only sombody who has a PS3…Do this till you can afford both. I love games on both and am waiting on games for both systems. To be honest gameplay per game is what I am after. I could careless wich controller is in my hands. Been saving money for over a year now and will have enough to buy both systems on the 16th (bday). And a game or too.

  45. theschwartz says:

    New York Times coverage; you may need to copy and paste to make the URL work:

    In Battle of Consoles, Nintendo Gains Allies


  46. theschwartz says:

    From the BBC:


    Sales of Sony’s PlayStation 3 (PS3) console in the US rose by 21% in June, analyst figures show, but the machine still trails the Wii and Xbox 360.

    Tracking firm NPD Group reported that 98,500 PS3s were sold, compared to 198,400 Xbox 360s (up 28%) and 381,800 Wiis (up 13%).

    Sony said that the $100 (£50) price cut to the 60GB PS3 led to a 135% sales rise over the last two weeks.

    (that’s still more Wiis than XBox and PS3 together)

  47. metroidfan says:

    i find that our view of what a fun video game is is corrupted by graphics and all this high def crap. think of the origanal supermario or space invaders, those are great games but there graphics are terrible.i myself have an nintendo wii and xbox 360 but i enjoy my xbox not for the graphics but for how fun the game is. the wii is a great system and i dont care what anyones says (i was completely addicted to super mario galaxy lol).

    i dont want to be persucuted as a nintendo fanboy but i want wii to win because the dont go by graphics because graphics arent what make a game fun.

  48. […] Or there weren’t many of them. Thats what I believe. No one I know or no one they know has one. Wii versus PS3 versus XBox 360 market share data Got Schwartz? Home-nexgenwars.com Nintendo Wii top-selling game console | Technology | Reuters According to […]

  49. copperfuzz says:

    Exalted Peanutbutter, don’t buy a console because it was made by Americans — especially Microsoft of all companies. That’s like voting for a political candidate just because they’re the same religion or race as you are; not only is there no guarantee that you’ll be getting something good out of it, but it makes you look like a bigot. =P Plus I don’t know that hardware engineering is as fun as you think it is… I’ve known a lot of burned-out developers in my day!

  50. […] Opera is also on the Nintendo Wii, the leading gaming console in sales versus the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. […]

  51. […] a video game consoleSecret lives: The games women playPhrogram release preview ready for download!Wii versus PS3 versus XBox 360 market share dataStudy says: There are SIX different types of […]

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