GDC: User-Creation in Gamespace

Here’s a pretty complete typed transcript from

Very much worth a read if you’re thinking about user-created content, and especially if you’re thinking about user-created 3D models.  But I’m surprised they focused so much on 3D model creation only.  The venue and the products they’re all working on make that likely I guess.  Here’s how Raph said it:

Raph: 3D is vanishingly small in its amount of importance in terms of user participation in these spaces. The number one use of user-created content in virtual spaces is the screenshot. And that is user content creation. It is shared more widely, distributed, commented on, annotated. That’s actually where the action is, things that have a far lower barrier to ewntry. The interesting areas of user-content creation .are in mashup and remix, like they are everywhere else, screenshot commets, WoW dance videos, dancing itself, stuff like that. That’s where a lot of the action is, because that’s where the barrier is low.


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