Casual Game presentations at GDC – notes from Alice

The wonderland blog has two interesting posts from the conference sessions.  First is from a presentation by Nick Fortugno, Rebel Monkey, outlining differences between the casual and hardcore game audiences.  I couldn’t highlight it without copying it all, so best to click and check this out:

GDC: Casual Games notes pt I

And here’s part two, with business model snippets from the Casual Game business:

GDC: Casual Games all-dayer pt II

Here’s a juicy highlight from that one.  Note this game is making 2.5 times as much money on microtransactions (selling things to players within the games) as they are on subscriptions:

Three Rings (puzzlepirates) income = $100K per month from subs. $250K from microtransactions.

Other snippets in the post show that subscription-based and advertising-based are also working fine.  Over time this may settle out into a single business model – but then again, it may not.  People are engaged enough by games that they are plenty willing to pay for them in different ways.


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