Gender, Lies and Video Games: Women and Computer Sciences

I’m attending and presenting at Microsoft’s Academic Days on Game Development in Computer Science conference through Sunday. It’s a conference on a cruise ship, actually, from Disney, Orlando to Nassau, Bahamas and back. Nice schwing, eh?

The first talk this morning was by Maria Klawe, now President of Harvey Mudd College, and with quite a resume in mathematics and computer science education. Her talk this morning was titled “Games, Gender and Why It Matters.” She presented the most detailed research I’ve seen on the issue, and in fact has spent decades working on it. I will try to get copies of her slides, but I was able to find this Research Channel video she recorded at UW a couple of years ago, Gender, Lies and Video Games: Women and Computer Sciences. It won’t have her latest input on the importance and brilliance of the Wii actually marketing to girls and women. Gasp! That’s crazy! Only guys buy games! Yeah, well, that’s only one bit of Wii brilliance, isn’t it? Actually think about the over-half-the-population who are female, charge half as much as the other guys, add a world-changing Wiimote, and suddenly it’s not just Sony versus Microsoft any more. I digress – but it really is a riff on how she ended her talk.

I will try to get the recording or slideshow from here, but meanwhile I expect this recording will be interesting to anyone who thinks the topic is important.


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