Game Developer’s Top 20 Publishers, 2006

Here’s the link to the full article at Gamasutra, which itself is a link to a premium article in their subscription-only magazine. The free Gamasutra article offers lots of details; I’m only going to list them here. This Top 20 is the only empirically weighted countdown of video game publishers. The specific statistics used to work out the ranking include average game review percentages, release SKU amounts, and anonymous milestone and producer feedback.  Chances are some of the list is surprising to you – and if so, a click and review will no doubt be interesting.

1. Electronic Arts

2. Nintendo

3. Activision

4. Sony Computer Entertainment

5. Take-Two Interactive

6. Microsoft Game Studios

7. THQ

8. Ubisoft

9. Konami

10. Sega Sammy Holdings

11. Namco Bandai

12. Vivendi Games

13. Square Enix

14. Capcom

15. NCSoft

16. SCi/Eidos

17. Lucasarts

18. Buena Vista Games

19. Atari

20. Midway


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