iPhone and Zune got Schwartz?

Steve Jobs releases the iPhone at MacWorld. Apple’s stock reaches an all-time high. The iPhone runs full-blown OSX, and sports a patented new multi-touch interface. Apple Computer is literally no longer Apple Computer because it’s not just about computers any more. Everyone is giddy, reporters and analysts and the stock market included.

Time to start asking them for more.

Here’s a brief article from the Guardian which makes the point, and then I’ll do the same for games.

Apple is already playing the “closed platform” card on the iPhone. You’d think that after that strategy allowed the IBM PC and Microsoft to kick their asses at the start of the PC revolution, they’d be smart enough not to do that again. It seems especially nuts if the device really does run OSX, and is thus capable of running all kinds of game, business and other applications. Is Apple really NOT going to offer an SDK, and not let anyone else put apps on the iPhone but Apple?!? I refuse to believe they’ll really be that dumb. But here’s an article from Kotaku that suggests that’s their current trajectory:

Apple iPhone Not Developer Friendly

My hope is that this is just a time-to-market issue – that they pushed to release the product ASAP, and now that that’s done will open it and offer a proper SDK.

Let’s not leave Zune out of this, either, since we have yet to hear from them about a Zune SDK, or about how we’ll all be able to develop games and other apps to run on it. Here’s a Washington Post article on yesterday’s announcement about games on the Zune:

Hollywood finds a crowd at Xbox’s Marketplace

It’s good to know the Zune will run games, certainly. But where’s the news about the SDK? About the technology we can use to put games – including our own games – on these devices? Microsoft has already shown leadership on the point I’m making by allowing user-created games on the XBox 360 thanks to XNA. Kudos! My own company loves that, since beginners and hobbyists will be able to run Phrogram programs on their XBox 360s and plasma TVs thanks to this technology. Cool! Now how about Zune and SmartPhones?

Let’s all pause and look at this as a really big picture, because that is what this is.

These devices are not just phones, and they are not just music players.


The platform that does this right could be to that mobile future what the IBM PC was to desktop computing.

So who’s it gonna be?


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