Eyah! Seattle Storm ’06!

Late Thursday we lost power in the storm, were without until early Sunday morning. I have friends who still don’t have power back on, four and a half days later. Ouch! It was a surreal experience, walking around or driving after, the entire area dark, trees down every block, often after taking out power lines on the way down. The silence and the darkness were striking – a reminder of how much noise and light are the backdrop for our lives. A gas water heater, gas fireplace and gas grill got us through.

A bunch of memories we won’t forget:

Salmon dinner on the grill, the night after the storm. This isn’t so bad! (No, the FIRST day wasn’t so bad.)

Two gorgeous red sunsets, the approach of night emphasized by dark houses and buildings below them

Kids walking around the neighborhood after the storm – early break for them! The most memorable was on pitch-black Friday night, when a glowing blue light saber swung circles and loops as it passed the house, all that we could see in the dark.

Fallen trees angling down to turn a wide street into a single lane, with people taking turns to drive carefully around them

Power lines dangling or sagging or completely broken and lying on the ground. Everywhere.

Driving from the dark outskirts toward the city lights, the haze and the smell thick in the air from thousands and thousands of chimneys that don’t usually burn

Seeing and hearing lots and lots of firetrucks and ambulances running, all weekend long :-/

Arriving in the lit city of Bellevue Saturday morning to find it unfairly normal

Shambling around the city, unshaven, wearing too many layers of clothes, and seeing lots of others doing the same

The taste of that first hot plate of mexican food 36 hours into the mess

Driving home Saturday night, seeing lights on – even Christmas lights – all the way out to the street before ours. And then none on ours yet! Doh!

The feeling when the lights came up. Woot!

There are lots of lots of men and women working very long hours still, to get everything back up and online. Thanks to all of them! They pulled, literally, 48 hour shifts after the storm, then took 6 hours off, then were back on 18 hour shifts. We waved and smiled when we saw them. 😀


One thought on “Eyah! Seattle Storm ’06!

  1. jeff says:

    ouch! here in st. louis, i lost power for 5 days, and some people lost it for more. in july of this year, some people lost it for 10+ days. its fun though, a nice break from electronics…for the first couple days

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