Phrogram makes the XBox home page!

In the Top Stories list on is a video from Monday night’s XNA open house, a celebration about Monday’s XNA release. Here’s a direct link to the video, which includes a bunch of our own demo programs, and our 15-second explanation of how Phrogram programs will run on the XBox 360. No, they didn’t call out in the short highlight film what was Phrogram and what was not, but yes, it’s still great to have this level of visibility.

If you haven’t been following my blog, it may be news that we are about to release an add-in to Phrogram which will allow Phrogram programs to be compiled and deployed onto the XBox 360, thanks to XNA. Woohoo! Talk about a killer scenario: 35 simple Phrogram instructions to fly a 3D model around on your own XBox 360 on a big plasma display!

We say, thanks to Phrogram, “If you can read and you can type, you can program.” I’ve said and demoed that to thousands now – and still not a single person has disagreed when they have seen it. And yes, that simplicity will run on the XBox 360. The 3D model example is the canonical example we use to prove that point. In the video it’s the one of the cool-looking 3D ship flying around on a background of purple space dust. Yes, you or your kids could do that, even if you’ve never programmed before.

We had a great time participating in the event, and were more than encouraged by everyone’s interest in Phrogram. Did you see my recent blog, When User-Created Meets Gaming: a Revolution is Coming? The slideshow and video there are a pretty good introduction to how and why this will be a revolution, and to Phrogram’s part in that. It includes its own demo of running a Phrogram program on top of XNA.

Thanks for the invitation and the visibility, XNA!


4 thoughts on “Phrogram makes the XBox home page!

  1. Excellent article, and very impressive stuff indeed! I was involved in interactive CD ROM development with Director way back when (1991 ish….) and this is as big a quantum leap in terms of simple tools and development environments. I know plenty of my friends will be getting involved in this program, who knows I might even have a look myself!

  2. theschwartz says:

    Thanks, John! Yeah, please tell your friends about it. And if you try it, I have a feeling you’re gonna have fun with it too. There’s no easier way to do fun games and graphics programming. Ain’t just for beginners!

  3. […] give it a trial run. I’m going to be doing that myself and seeing how things go. Apparently you can also write apps for the XBOX, but I’m not sure about XBOX 360. I’ll be sure to report back on my […]

  4. […] State University that uses Phrogram exclusively here. Wait, it keeps getting better – you can even write XBOX applications on Phrogram. Talk about getting a kid excited – his own application on […]

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