November Phrogram contest winners!

We have started a fun tradition on the Phrogram site – running monthly programming contests on a different theme each month. Our first contest has just ended, and was a great success! Thanks to all the participants!

The November content was for the best 2D Side Scroller game developed in Phrogram. Considering the contest began less than a month after we released Phrogram, the results we really encouraging. Here’s a link to the contest announcement, which also now includes the results and winners. For convenience, here is a link to download Phrogram (27M download) and here is a link to the bundle of six November games.

Six different and fun user-created games from six different programmers, from around the world. I know kids as young as 7 worked on these (along with Dad, of course – that’s half the fun). There’s lots of variety in style and level of experience, of course. Thanks to all the participants! Here’s a summary of who did what and why they’re all winners:

Jixxon sent us SpaceRangerSpiff – best visual design elements. Nice!

MichaelH sent us LetterAttack – most original design and graphical effects. Cool!

Peej send us PyroSanta – most hilarious (and warped!) holiday game! Woot!

JChambers sent us BarnyardMassacre – funniest games, best use of sound. Hilarious!

Phrogger sent us SideScrollerAttack – Scariest game backdrop. Who knew orange could be so creepy?!

NeilWinton sent us SpaceJunk – This gets honorable mention cause it’s a top scroller rather than a side scroller, but it also has the most complete game experience. Great game!

December’s contest, by the way, is for best use of File IO – with a seperate award going to best holiday themed program. We’re hoping for even more fun programs this month than last. Thanks all who participated!


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