Coding4Fun brings us KPL traffic

Coding4Fun, Microsoft’s self-describing hobbyist programmer site, has just put up a major redesign, which looks like it’s based on Vista marketing.

They also re-issued a bunch of past articles in their Coding4Fun blog, including the set of articles they published on creating your own games with KPL. Thanks again, Coding4Fun, for the past and current coverage and traffic!

I guess I should be clear, though, since the articles at Coding4Fun have in the past made some people assume KPL was a Microsoft product. Neither KPL nor Phrogram are Microsoft products – the Microsoft Coding4Fun guys just liked what we have done with them, liked that they were such good examples of what you can do with .NET programming, and considered that KPL fit the goals for the site very well – so they sponsored and published a series of articles that we wrote for them.

I thought I’d list and link the articles in sequence. They are based on last year’s KPL, which we have improved with this year’s Phrogram – but much that is in them is compatible with Phrogram, and of course many people are still downloading and using KPL as well as Phrogram!

Coding4Fun: Kid’s Programming Language

Coding4Fun: KPL: Pong!

Coding4Fun: KPL: Christmas Tree Shooter

Coding4Fun: KPL: Santa’s Gifts

Coding4Fun: KPL: Asteroids!

Coding4Fun: KPL: Missile Command!

By the way, the main reasons why you might, at this point, still use KPL instead of Phrogram are:

1) You need a language translation file which Phrogram doesn’t offer yet (KPL offers 18 international languages now, while Phrogram is only at 5 yet)

2) You are running Windows 98 (Phrogram requires 2000 or later)

3) You prefer the simplicity of procedural KPL to class-based Phrogram


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