Video games have ‘role in school’

 This article made BBC News, which rates the issue pretty high in mainstream journalistic visibility. This is encouraging!

Video games have ‘role in school’

From the intro:

Video games could have a serious role to play in the classroom, a survey of teachers and students suggests.

The Teaching with Games report was commissioned by games giant Electronic Arts (EA) and carried out by FutureLab.

It surveyed almost 1,000 teachers and more than 2,300 primary and secondary school students in the UK.

The survey found 59% of teachers would consider using off-the-shelf games in the classroom while 62% of students wanted to use games at school.

Jules Clarkson, international marketing director at Electronic Arts, said: “EA has recognised for a long time the potential for computer games to stimulate teachers and students.

Important, important data here. This uses reverse logic, which makes it look not as bad as it is. Please parse this carefully until you see how bad this really is:

More than 70% of teachers never play games outside school while 82% of children said they played video games at least once a fortnight.

Here’s a good quote tooting the same horn I am 😀

Rob Cooper, managing director of Ubisoft UK and chairman of the festival said: “Now more than ever people are starting to wake up to the importance of video games; culturally, artistically and economically.

GamaSutra’s coverage of the story is here

The official report from FutureLab is here


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