The funkiest art you’ve never heard of

OK, we’re all used to digital art by now – but how about pixel art? As in, art created digitally, one pixel at a time, using only something like a pixel pencil tool? Have you heard about that one? Well, check this page out, by Jason Huang in Taiwan. Note how wide and how long the page is as it loads, tile by tile. If you wait til the page loads fully and pan around it, and it’s doesn’t blow your mind, I’ll, umm, shave my head. Yeah. 😀

And there’s SuperTotto – you really gotta explore a bit here, too:

Then there’s The Joint at:

And you don’t want to miss the highest rated pixel art in the PixelJoint galleries:

Here’s the piece de resistance, a music video from Royksopp illustrated completely with pixel art. The music rocks, the art blows the mind, and the whole experience is this wild slice of life in our 21st century world. I watch this and I can’t help but think about lots of art I’ve admired, hanging silent on museum walls in 2D, scenes that show me what it was like in Holland in 1630, or Italy in 1500, or America in 1870. Are people two or three or four hundred years from now going to look at and listen to this, call it art, and understand something about us and our world and our lives? If our world and our art and our lives are so different now from the things we gaze at in our museums, what will theirs be like in 2400?

I have blogged a lot in the past about user-created content – and this is a whole new kind of user-created content I thought I should introduce. Sure, much of this is done by professional artists – but look around the galleries at PixelJoint to see lots of cool art by regular people. And check out PixelDam and PixelMoon as a couple mindblowing examples of user-created art projects/communities built around pixel art.

So: the trend toward user-created content enabled by digital technology continues – albeit this is still fringe stuff and cutting edge stuff compared to Wiki and YouTube and MySpace.

So: do you think some pixel artists might like an anyone-can-program tool like Phrogram that allows them to turn their pixel art into easy-to-manipulate “sprites”, animate them, build interactive games around them, or direct and record machinima based on them?

I do. 🙂


One thought on “The funkiest art you’ve never heard of

  1. Vance says:

    boy, you could waste a lot of time at those sites. Supertotto is very cool.

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