Peter Jackson: producing Halo film!

I hadn’t even heard this was happening – cool! Note he’s not directing – too bad! – but still, Peter Jackson rocks, and he gives me more hope than I’d otherwise have that the movie based on the video game might actually be a good one.

Here’s a link to the GameSpot news story about this, by Tim Surette

The article got me to click through to the original interview, and it turns out it’s in five parts, on a site called Ain’t It Cool News. The site design is, umm, curious – but if you like Jackson’s work, check out these topics for the five parts – maybe you’ll want to click through:

Quint interviews Peter Jackson about his next Fantasy Epic: Naomi Novik’s TEMERAIRE series!!!

Quint and Peter Jackson, Part II: THE LOVELY BONES!!!

Part 3: Quint and Peter Jackson talk HALO!!!

Part 4: Peter Jackson and Quint discuss THE DAMBUSTERS remake!!!

Part 5: Quint and Peter Jackson talk THE HOBBIT and a potential return to low budget horror!!!


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