Johnny Can’t Code, but 6-year-old CG can!

Check out this father and son dynamic duo, working together using KPL and XNA to make their own computer game.

How cool is that?  We look forward to seeing what they come up with!

Note some important points which we will take as encouragement about KPL:

GG “works as a Chief Engineer at a global software company.  Over his career he’s programed in Perl, Java, C++ (including CORBA), VB6/C++/COM, and knows enough C#/.NET to be dangerous.”

And his web address is on the Mac site.

And his site is proudly and sylishly Made on a Mac.

And given all that, he has picked and is using KPL and XNA to work on a game with his son.

Apple paying attention?  Microsoft paying attention?


3 thoughts on “Johnny Can’t Code, but 6-year-old CG can!

  1. a fan says:

    So when will we see Phrogram on Mac ? My next machine will be a dual-boot intel Mac for the kids / home.

  2. […] Thought I made a post about my daughter learning to program Seems like I was not the only one teaching my 6 year old (she is 7 now) how to program. C & G Graham are working on programming and making a game in XNA. Since I have started on the site my spare time has been devoted to that, but I will be nice to get back to teaching her programming. Thanks to Morrison Schwartz co-inventor of KPL (Kid’s Programming Language) Published Saturday, September 16, 2006 10:02 PM by Gregory Wurm Filed Under: My Life […]

  3. theschwartz says:

    We look forward to having Phrogram on the Mac, but it’s not in our immediate plans. Dual boot, Virtual PC or Boot Camp will happen sooner, certainly – please come visit the forums at if you have questions or if you have success with doing that? And if any Mac development companies out there would like to work with us on a Mac port, we’d be glad to talk with you about that. 🙂

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