Pongism, or: What’s the Point of Videogames?

This is the next article by Eric-Jon Rössel Waugh at Next Generation.  I blogged about the last one here: CULTURE: The Value of Simplicity.

As before, his article is too long and deep for me to quote and clip it effectively, but if these questions that he asks and answers are interesting to you, you’ll want to click and check it out:

Why videogames? what exactly do we mean to accomplish? Why do we even bother?

I feel a little bit like he’s repeating himself when he gets to then end: yes, we need to think and grow beyond our current ideas about games, how to design them and play with them, and what we can do with them. On the other hand, his thinking and writing about games is a kind of implied evidence of just how important they are or can be – of just how much gaming is changing the world: technology, society, business and education.


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