Modified home video game shows promise for stroke rehabilitation

Check out this news alert from Rutgers: Modified home video game shows promise for stroke rehabilitation

System opens door for economical alternatives to expensive equipment in clinical settings; promotes home rehabilitation possibilities

Engineers at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, have modified a popular home video game system to assist stroke patients with hand exercises, producing a technology costing less than $600 that may one day rival systems 10 times as expensive.

Hats off to the researchers at Rutgers, to the XBox, and to Essential Reality:

Rutgers’ low-cost hand rehabilitation system is based on the commercially available Microsoft Xbox video game and Essential Reality P5 gaming glove that detects finger and wrist motions to manipulate on-screen images. The engineers made minor modifications to the equipment and created software that delivers two types of finger flexing exercises needed to help recover hand functions in stroke patients.

Check out the article for more details, a photo and a screenshot. Tell me that’s not a good “How gaming is changing the world” story? 🙂 Medical technology isn’t a new idea – but cheap game hardware that works effectively as medical technology that cost 10 times as much… And at home!


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