Near Seattle? Come down to PAX 2006 this weekend!

PAX is Penny Arcade Expo – a really HUGE game convention. From the website: “a supernatural gaming event!” We were there tonight setting up and having a great time.

Here’s the PAX website, lots of info and directions.

HUGE is the word, though. Thousands! People were lined up the whole way around the long block waiting to get in this afternoon. PAX was already so big this year that it had spread events out from the Meydenbauer Center to 3 area hotels as well. Check out the list of sponsors, mainly because that’s also the list of exhibitors who have a huge rockin hall full of loud gaming action happening:

Ubisoft, Turbine, NCSoft, America’s Army, XBox 360, Nintendo, Fury, Sabertooth Games, Foundation 9 Entertainment, RoosterTeeth, Creative, Flying Lab Software, Prima Games, The Behemoth, Tablestar Games, Garage Games, NVidia, BFG Tech, Klei, Sweet Kitty, Pink Godzilla, Mythic, Privateer Press, Paizo Publishing, Arenanet, Tenacious Games, Bawls, Themis Group, Technomancer Press, Upper Deck, Rockstar Games, 1up, Cheats Mobile, MyCheats, DeVry University, ITT Tech, ATI, Wizards of the Coast, Cooler Master, Red Octane, Gametap, AMD, Nyko, Bandai Namco and Intel.

Everywhere you look there’s fun gaming happening! There are competitive tourneys of all kinds going on, panels on lots of gaming toptics, theaters, parties, concerts – even table top gaming events of all kinds. Yeah, it’s a blast.

And Phrogram is there, too, of course! Stop by the Garage Games booth to see it in action!


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