EA: The Industry is ‘Failing Women’

Umm. Duh?

Sorry, couldn’t help it. It’s great EA is raising the issue. Here’s a link to the article at GameDaily.

Video games for the longest time have been dominated by men. The industry’s workforce is largely comprised of young white males, and the people who play video games are usually male as well. While certain games have successfully attracted both genders (e.g. The Sims), there’s no denying that it’s still an industry run by men that caters its products to men. It’s evident in the marketing, and it’s certainly evident in the games themselves where it seems that every other character is a scantily clad female with unnatural proportions.


As reported by the BBC News, EA’s own research found that 40 percent of teenage girls played video games compared to 90 percent of teenage boys; furthermore, most girls seem to lose interest in games within a year. According to Gardner, this is something that has concerned EA “for a long, long time.”

“We are only reaching a small proportion – not only geographically but also genetically,” he said, adding that if EA could solve the problem it “could add a billion dollars to its sales.”

Hey, if they do the right thing for the sake of making a billion dollars, that’s just a checkmark for Adam Smith’s faith in free market capitalism, right? 😀


6 thoughts on “EA: The Industry is ‘Failing Women’

  1. becs says:

    There sems to be a notion that females want girly games. Yes maybe that is the case for younger gamers pre-teen, but not the case for adults.
    As a female gamer there is nothing I like more than violent games. I am not a violent person but you know, games are different – its seperating that reality from games.

    The problem I have with the videogames treating females is the gaming magazines on the shelf. I have read a number of them and with the vast majority of them, their journalistic ways gear towards men only. There is one particular magazine (OXM) where there writing seems aimed towards sweaty teenage boys – if their is a game character who is female they are highly likely to comment on whether their breasts are big and whether you can see their arse under the tight outfit. Lara Croft is usually their favourite target.

    If the games industry want to attract more female gamers, really they ought to start looking at the periodical magazines that come out and kicking them into touch first.

  2. theschwartz says:

    Good point, becs. Someone will make megabucks when they produce the first gaming magazine specifically for girls and women, and do it right. Given how underserved girls and women are, this is a wide open opportunity. And I absolutely agree this isn’t about the color pink and “girly games.” This should be about all games, just written from women’s point of view on them. Look how many networks, shows, websites and mainstream magazines there are dedicated to women – it’s rather nuts there’s no gaming magazine for women yet. If they do it right and make the money they should, this would get the attention of the guy-centric mags fast enough to make them adjust content and writing style, I’m sure. For some of them, at least.

  3. becs says:

    HI again,

    I saw your reply on my blog about the design. The design is one of the default options, choose Andreas09. Its orange at first, but then in the theme you can change the colour. They have loads of colours to choose from.
    The best theme in the range I reckon.

  4. theschwartz says:

    Thanks, Becs! How’s it look? 🙂

  5. becs says:

    Much better. The links are nicely spaced out and you have more room to work with.
    I tried all the templates and reckon this is the best.
    You have the same colour as me though, I obviously have good taste 🙂

  6. theschwartz says:

    Thanks, and you do! 🙂

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