Bringing Back The Dream

Noel Llopis is a developer for High Moon Studios, and a prolific writer and speaker. Noel says “I lead the internal R&D effort at High Moon Studios, looking into future technologies and platforms.” Lately he has been writing and speaking a lot about using Scrum and Extreme or Agile programming in game development.

His blog from Wednesday, Bringing Back The Dream, is what made me want to post and link about him. I highly recommend clicking and reading before you read more of my own comments.

His post is relevant in lots of ways, including that it’s in part about Microsoft’s XNA Game Studio, which was also the topic of my last blog entry. And he tells story we have in common, about beginning as a programmer 20 years ago by programming games in BASIC – back when BASIC was the operating system. That memory, that experience – and how many of us who started that way have turned into happy professional programmers – is also a lot of why and how we’re doing what we’re doing with Kid’s Programming Language and with Phrogram.

Here’s another good one from over a year ago in his blog: So You Want to Be a Game Programmer?


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