A couple fun KPL contacts from SIGGRAPH day 1

Estaban Clua is a professor of Computer Science at PUC Rio in Brazil. I met him last January at the Academic Days on Gaming conference. He asked me to participate in the SIGGRAPH panel on Computer Science and Gaming – and is also already using KPL to teach at his university. He has submitted a similar panel to GDC, the Game Developer Conference, and asked me to be part of that. The things that are happening with Phrogram are going to make GDC a particularly fun place to be next year.

Esteban is working on a textbook around KPL programming – I’m having lunch with him tomorrow and will find out more about how that’s going. His book will be in Brazilian Portuguese, of course – but the round-the-world translation of the KPL IDE, website site and supporting material is one of the cooler things about how KPL is happening, so I don’t think it’s a stretch to think we might arrange for it to be translated quickly.

Esteban was the most important person I wanted to catch up with here at SIGGRAPH, and the synchronicity couldn’t have been better. I hadn’t even left the registration room this morning before I saw him waving and coming to meet me. And this is a very very big conference…

Another fun meeting – this time with someone I had not met yet – was with Peter Border. He’s a Physicist at the University of Minnesota – but he’s been using game programming for years as a way of teaching physics and mechanics. He’s looking now at moving that teaching down to the high school level, and the idea of using KPL or Phrogram for that is pretty obvious. We’ll talk more about that, I’m sure. He’s presenting on the educator track as well, A Data Visualization Course at an Art School. This is a really cool example of cross-discipline education, teaching computer graphs and graphics in an art school course. Lots of that is going on, and more will be, as digital media and entertainment make their way further into university education.


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