VW Beetle, yep. 1350 horsepower, yep.

Very long and productive day today, and another one tomorrow, so this is a fun slacker blog for me.

Here’s a link to the article from Wired, and here’s the coolest photo:

Can we stop talking about pimp my ride now?

Some highlights from the article:

Ron Patrick … mounted a $270,000, 26,000-rpm, 1,350-horsepower, Navy-surplus helicopter jet turbine in the trunk.
The jet jumps the Bug’s speed from 80 to 140 mph in less than four seconds

Despite all the muscle, Patrick doesn’t race. “I’m 49, so frying some 16-year-old who just saw The Fast and The Furious doesn’t do anything for me,” he says. But he has been known to light up Northern California’s freeways on weekdays between 2 and 3 am. “More than one late-night truck driver on I-5 has been passed by a low-flying comet.”

When he entered it in the Los Angeles Grand National Roadster Show in January, he was greeted with disparaging looks and scoffs from the gearhead elite. So when the winners started revving their V-8s, Patrick responded by firing up the jet and blasting out a 6-foot-long flame. Officials screamed at him to shut it down, and then banned him for life.

My hope is that this will so obviously kick the ass of any other “pimp my ride” ride that the fad will fade away. For another decade or two anyway. Yeah, I’m an optimist. 😀


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